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Author: admin, 17.08.2013
Living in New York City, the vast majority of meals I eat each week are at restaurants, or ordering in from a restaurant.
I have below an example of how to customize your meals when eating out, or ordering in from restaurants. Notice how just the tahini sauce, olive oil, and deep fried oils in the chicken (250 calories) add up to 570 calories, which is enough for an entire lunch!

Notice that the difference between the Chicken Kebab, which is grilled and the deep fried chicken cutlet is more than 250 calories. I use to never notice the calories and size of my meals when I’d go out to eat, but watching your video and going back and looking at the nutritional info online at some of the places I go has shocked me! While white rice and rice pilaf can seem somewhat less threatening compared to those golden fried foods, they could be just as calorie dense by weight.

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