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Author: admin, 17.04.2013
Inevitably the I-had-6-nuts-and-an-apple-today dieter, will be roaming through the refrigerator eating everything in site. We’ve talked about how low calorie diets activate your survival mechanism and how they are not sustainable.
It is important to get all the calories you need, so your calorie burning muscles can stay healthy. Your efforts will last longer because you are figuring out how to eat a sustainable amount of calories.
If you are interested in finding out what amount of calories will help you lose weight sustainably check out WebMD’s MBI plus calculator. Low carb diets can work for some people but they must be done correctly and over a long period of time.

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Low calorie diets, like holding your nose, are viewed as a threat to your survival mechanism. The survival mechanism assumes that if you’re eating only a few calories than food must be scarce.
If you’re consuming more calories than you need, lowering your intake to a more appropriate amount for your size will almost certainly help you shed pounds. The problem with low calorie diets is the new weight you achieve was not reached by learning sustainable habits. But it’s not, it’s their survival mechanism saying, this diet is unsustainable for our survival.

On an instinctive level, low calorie diets tell your survival mechanism it needs to consume food wherever it can find it.
That means, on top of the cravings, you will also have to deal with very low energy levels and decreased physical or mental performance.
I do not recommend low carb diets to most people unless they are competitive bodybuilders or fitness models that must lose as much bodyfat as possible.

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