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Author: admin, 26.02.2014
Prior to pregnancy I had been in the midst of training for my first marathon, so running was something that I definitely wanted to get back to.  Once I got approval from my doctor, I began by going for walks with my son and dog every day. I am now pregnant with my fourth child and realize the importance of eating well and exercise during and after pregnancy. Weight gain during pregnancy reduces exercises and is geared for the purposes of putting on weight as a phenomenon. The average weight gain during pregnancy will be about 38 pounds which is considered to be healthy enough for the development of your growth as well as the growth of the new born.
The amount of weight which helps in protecting the health of your baby is considered palatable.

To conclude, weight gain during pregnancy should be avoided by a planned intake of sugar free white sweetness as well as a blend of nutritious and balanced diet. My son was due in April 2011, and I decided that within eight months of his birth, I would lose all of the pregnancy weight. But, as satisfying as it is to comfortably fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, the best part about completing my weight loss goal is just feeling better.  Feeling better = a happier mom, wife, professional… and everything else! I stayed active throughout my pregnancy and took our dog for walks almost every day, but I was still looking at a 50 pound weight gain. The weight loss goal is complete…and with the support and motivation of coworkers and my husband, I look forward to the race this spring.

However, my body keeps on about 7 pounds of weight until I’ve finished breastfeeding. I knew that in order to feel good, I needed to lose the weight, and in order to lose the weight, I had to keep at it!

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