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Author: admin, 05.03.2015
I lost all of the weight in the first three weeks, which I think can be much attributed to breastfeeding. This was also obviously just my first pregnancy (I hear it gets harder the second time around). I know I’ve been promising a post on losing baby weight for the longest time, but I kept struggling to write about it for some reason. On the topic of breastfeeding, I know that after I had Harper the last thing I wanted to do was shovel in food after I looked like a bloated, pillow-esque-slob-kabob BUT you need those calories in order to produce milk.
If nothing else, inspiring or reassuring to those first time moms that are pregnant now & worried that the baby weight will never go away.

Funny how this always makes the list when it comes to losing weight, but I swear that it works. Now, I have a dedicated TV , with my weights under the dresser & I will SLEEP in my workout clothes so that I cannot make a single excuse in the morning to not workout.

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