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Author: admin, 10.12.2014
Modern hunter-gatherers can now order delivery and still follow the paleolithic diet, or the “paleo” diet for short. What to eat Hunter-gatherers did not write cookbooks, so the conditions of a paleo diet can vary greatly, depending on different speculations about prehistoric diets. What to avoid One of the largest game changers for today’s diets was the industrial revolution. Potential health benefits Advocates of the paleo diet argue that humans have been genetically programmed to process particular kinds of food for millions of years.

According to this theory, following the paleo diet will align your meals with your genetic requirements. Paleo diets advocate cutting out processed food completely, as well as limiting salt and sugar intake. One study by the University of California suggests that the paleo diet may combat health complications related to diabetes, including high blood pressure and cholesterol. Hunter-gatherers were limited to the food within proximity and non-domesticated animals, so followers of the diet should try to eat locally grown produce and free-range meat.

While limited data is available on the actual health benefits of the paleo diet, cutting down on nutrient poor, highly processed foods can help any diet.

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