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Author: admin, 30.12.2014
I would like to be able to turn on the light from a switch I install, but also for it to activate with the garage door. An alternative to motion sensor, if you didn't mind hacking into your garage door opener, would be to wire a relay into its light circuit. I think the point here is that in addition to being able to manually turn on garage lights you can also have the entire garage light up when the door opens.

Purchased this with the motion activated light sensor, the packaging for this unit was sun work and cracked, but the adapter works flawlessly.
Particularly valuable in multi-car garage where the GDO light only illuminates the bay opened.
If you use the GDO to turn on a relay all the lights in the garage can come on, including lights in front of garage.

It isn't direct connect either since there are two cascaded isolation points; 1) the small transformer plugged into the bulb adapter at the GDO and 2) the relay (a UL approved device) mounted at the switch location.

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