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Author: admin, 14.05.2013
The things is, the root cause of my symptoms was leaky gut, which I started developing symptoms of in middle school (unbenownst to me), continued to compound in college, and ultimately culminated in this diagnosis of gastritis in my mid-20’s.
This information HAS to be shared, because way too many people that have leaky gut go undiagnosed. It occurs when the normally tight junctions that make up the gut wall become loose, allowing undigested particles, larger substances, and disease-causing bacteria into the bloodstream. The brain: The brain and gut are connected, so gut problems affect the brain and vice versa.
Poor Food: Processed food, the chemicals, additives and bad oils in it irritate the gut lining. Note: Just as leaky gut can take months or years to develop, treating leaky gut can vary from 6 months to years. Digestive Enzymes: When the gut is compromised, so is the ability to break down and absorb the nutrients.

I was diagnosed with wheat and dairy intolerances that led to my leaky gut but I, like you, am also guilty of the other causes you mentioned.
The GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet is THE best protocol there is for healing a leaky gut. I just wanted to add that it seems, according to research that’s been coming out, that GMO foods can also damage the gut lining. I wanted to pass on what I know about leaky gut and a gene mutation called Methylenetetrahyrafolate reductase. When leaky gut is prevalent, the liver can become bombarded by irritants from incomplete digestion. I’m not a doctor, but these suggestions are certain things that I’ve researched, learned, tried, and benefitted from! I included yoghurt, flax seeds, ginger and turmeric in my diet, avoided foods that irritated or worsened by condition and started leading a more relaxed lifestyle about 6 months ago.

Of course, the doctors will never mention leaky gut because they want you to take their $500 injections.
I have been diagnosed with leaky gut with sensitivities to eggs (boo…they are my fave) as well as whey, cashews and vanilla.
In addition, babies given antibiotics due to ear infections at an early age (me!) have a hefty amount of gut disruption at a young age, laying a poor foundation for years (or life) to come.

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