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Author: admin, 09.05.2013
The girl group's daily meal plan includes one paper cup filled with fruit, one with rice and one third side dish at every meal, according to the website Soompi. Last year band member Sera spoke out about her personal difficulties in sticking with one-food diets. Minwoo of the seven-piece South Korean boy band 100% says that his band went through their own struggle to acquire their new physiques.
But when he and his bandmates saw the result of all their dieting, he recalled, they all realized it was worth it. And although the boys of 100% may not be measuring out their meals in paper cups, they get downright scientific when it comes to body fat.

The "Star Wars" cast members visted Seoul ahead of the movie's release in South Korea next week.
I forget which rabbit hole I jumped into but I somehow landed on a cabbage soup diet recipe onlineĀ a couple of days ago. Fun Food Fact: A cup of raw cabbage only has 15 calories which makes it an ideal diet food.
Although being on a diet while maintaining a food blog is the height of tragedy, it seemed like a good idea because I just got back from Beijing where I downed dumplings and duck with abandon.
My mom uses it to flavor her soups and a host of other Korean dishes and I’ve never felt that greasy finish in her food before.

I have tried the diet, and it is not a good idea if you are not going to lock yourself at home for the time you are doing the diet. I'm a host and DJ from Manila who part-times as a food paparazzo and fancies herself a foodie.
Pretty gross not to mention counterintuitive since the point of this diet is to get rid of the grease that squats in my body.

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