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Muay Thai Beginner classes are specifically designed to burn fat, tone the body and cover the basics of Muay Thai Kickboxing. Paul Clark started martial arts at a young age learning Karate, American Kickboxing and Boxing. Even though he is old for the sport (34) he can still be found training two a days at the gym and sparring with the fight team at Jersey City Kickboxing. Teen Muay Thai Kickboxing is a program specifically designed to teach self-defense, instill confidence and keep your teen healthy.
Little Kids Muay Thai is a beginner martial arts class that focuses on Muay Thai Kickboxing basics and exercise drills.
Intermediate Muay Thai Kick boxing class utilizes traditional training methods from Thailand to further enhance the students martial arts abilities. All students must either graduate from the beginner course and or have 6 months experience training in traditional Muay Thai Kickboxing and can demonstrate basic intermediate techniques effectively. You can join our Mixed Martial Arts Classes, which is combination of Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing, Braziian jiu jitsu-BJJ, Muay thai, Wu shu (Kung –fu), wrestling, Judo & Gymnastics.

Mixed Martial Arts Classes for all the family, a family that sticks together train together!
This is a six month program that has a guaranteed result.You will get in shape doing exciting kickboxing and boxing drills and avoid the boredom and drudgery of the gym. You can schedule 3 trial classes for $30.00 through the pricing page or call the coach for more information. Your child will have fun and stay healthy as they do exciting kickboxing and boxing drills designed specifically for children. These classes are designed to build strength and to challenge your cardiovascular system doing bag work and plyometric training. The vision for Knockout Martial Arts and Fitness is to build a community by helping people be safe and at the same time instill life skills and character of a true martial artist.
Each class is built around the dynamic energy and an accelerated training style that is fun, exciting, Empowering and education. After training and learning for 30 years He is very determined to not only train people to be in the best shape of their lives but also to pass on his teachers legacy and martial art.

Classes are an hour long after your run and feature boxing Mitt training ,Thai Pads, Clinch drills and Partner drills to hone your skill sets.
Safety gear is available at the school pro shop if you and your teen are interested in sparring practice. This is a class for the student who wishes to go further into training but is not yet ready for competition.
These classes are unique in that teens not only learn to compete in a professional sport but get in great shape doing squats, kettle bells, free weights, battling ropes,sit ups, push-ups and other calisthenics.

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