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Author: admin, 13.01.2014
The X’ers and Insaniacs both lay claim to the title of “best” or “hardest” workout program.
Insanity surpasses P90X in this area because Insanity doesn’t require any equipment at all. There’s a lot of advantages Insanity has over P90X, but the one that is most important to me is length of workout.
While insanity doesn’t require any equipment like p90x I think it should be said how rough insanity is on your knees. The point of this comparison is to help you figure out which program is better for you, based upon your preferences and what the programs have to offer. It’s been around for almost ten years, and until recently, has led the sales charts (guess which program dethroned it). While it is possible to gain muscle mass from doing Insanity, that is not what it is designed to do.
You’re free to disagree with me if you want, but Insanity is simply more brutal, relentless, and grueling than P90X.
Nonetheless, I’ll take the time to describe the trainer styles of P90X and Insanity so you know what you’re getting yourself into. There’s no getting around the fact that Insanity is a much more efficient workout program than P90X. Namely, you must be in very good physical condition to attempt either P90X or Insanity (especially Insanity). Both programs have rabid fans who swear by them, and who will fight to the death anyone who dares to question their favorite workout program.

As objectively as possible, I will describe the strengths and weaknesses of both P90X and Insanity so you can make an informed decision about choosing between the two.
P90X is one of Beachbody’s anchor programs, and Tony Horton is practically the face of the company.
It was formerly the little brother to P90X, but Insanity is grown up now and has overtaken P90X in sales. While there are two “low impact” routines which have yoga moves in them, I don’t think that flexibility training is Insanity’s strong suit. If the lack of access to any fitness equipment is a limitation for you, then Insanity is the program.
I assume that you’re the same as me—someone who is juggling fitness with other important things in life such as a job, family responsibilities, and raising children.
I didn’t quite understand the Insanity craze until I experienced him doing his thing in front of a live audience. Because P90X and Insanity are designed to produce the same results, general fitness, I can’t hedge. If I had to describe P90X in one sentence, I would say that it is a program that will help you achieve overall fitness by emphasizing, but not focusing on, resistance training. Although I love P90X because it was the program that helped me restart my fitness journey, I have to give my final recommendation to Insanity. If you are a beginner, there are other home fitness programs in the Beachbody catalog that are more appropriate.
We always have to bicker over the most stupid things, including our favorite home workout programs, or what type of diet we should be following (a discussion I’m not going to wade into anytime soon).

In my opinion, these flexibility training routines are the most neglected and unloved in the entire P90X catalog, even though they can take your fitness to a new level.
Instead of emphasizing resistance training, however, Insanity stresses high intensity interval training, which is a fancy way of saying Insanity is more about cardio conditioning. You risk serious injury if you attempt to do workouts which are way beyond your current level of fitness. Your views may be completely different, but that’s okay, because there is enough space in the world for many different workout programs.
Insanity workouts are shorter, but the tradeoff is they are more unforgiving in terms of pacing.
In my opinion, P90X is not a true weight training program, but a total body conditioning program.
To such people, I would recommend P90X over Insanity because P90X offers a lot more weight training. All of the P90X workouts include at least one fitness demonstrator who is modifying the exercises with resistance bands. I’m glad he using his gifts for good instead of evil You see some of that quality in the Insanity workouts.

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