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Author: admin, 17.08.2013
A lightly spiced cream with cashew nut and butter sauce, served with either meat or vegetables.
Saucers of chutneys and relishes accompanying most Indian meals, are collectively referred to as "sambals". Roti is a flat flour wrap used to scoop up bite of curry, while Naan is a flat Indian bread. Delightful recipe that has the spices melding wonderfully with the sauteed vegetables to bring out fabulous flavors.

And do not make this recipe without ginger and asafoetida, as they really pull the dish together. I was trying different things for my 10 month old darling Krishnav and I tried this recipe today ( just made a smll modification by adding masoor dal ) and the pulav tasted yummy .
This is one of those simple recipes you can make over and over again and that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. I wasn’t going to add tomatoes but was convinced by my North Indian friend to give them a supporting role along side bhindi and aloo.

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