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Author: admin, 24.04.2013
I have two ways to cooks carnitas: One is using a cast iron pot over the stove and the other way is baking the pork using an oven bag. Now, when you do not have the time to be watching the meat or have another thing to do here is my oven baked carnitas. Usually most parts of the pork will be used, some will be cooked until tender, juicy and golden outside and other parts of the pork will be cooked until very crispy like chicharrones (pork skin). The reason of cooking it in an oven bag is because I live in a small apartment and cooking it in the bag will keep the grease smell contained in the bag.

Take the bag out of the oven to drain must of the juices released by the meat, close the bag and place back in the oven for another hour or so until the meat is golden brown, using this method the meat will be tender and juicy.
Please note that this is not the traditional way to cook Carnitas, but rather just an alternate method I developed in absence of a copper cauldron and to avoid the greasy smell. Carefully brown the meat at medium low heat stirring frequently until pork is evenly browned. Those carnitas are one of best!  This dish is best eaten when still warm over corn tortillas and a spicy or mild salsa.

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