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Author: admin, 06.10.2014
The term gestational refers to the state of pregnancy, whereas diabetes is due to high sugar levels in the blood. As an expectant mum, you want everything to go well, and to beat gestational diabetes, you have to make sure that your blood sugar levels are kept under control. That in other words means you have to follow a strict gestational diabetes diet, know what to eat, and when to eat.Having a gestational diabetes diet plan is of primal importance to the women suffering from gestational diabetes.
If it is not controlled, it can easily develop into Type 2 diabetes later on, and that is highly undesired. Taking care of the problem when it arises is the best thing to do, and this is why understanding your diet is very important.

And as much as you need to put on a little weight for the sake of the baby, you need to choose the right things to eat.The first thing you need to do is to stay away from sugary foods.
Yes, most of the times, these sugars get assimilated into the blood and raise your sugar levels. Confirm this with a dietician so you can ascertain which carbohydrates to eat and which ones to stay away from in your gestational diabetes diet.Generally speaking, complex carbohydrates like cereals and pasta are good for you, but simpler ones, not so much. You need to spread the intake of carbohydrates throughout the day so your blood sugar levels remain constant, excluding breakfast.
And as a rule, ensure you take 4 servings of calcium rich foods and at least three servings of iron-rich foods a day.

Ensure you take enough proteins and vitamins in your food since your growing baby will need them.

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