How are fruits good for you,whey protein meal replacement, - Review

Author: admin, 07.10.2013
Many people harbour the misconception that fats should be completely avoided when you are trying to lose some extra pounds. A research conducted by University of Purdue has found that though almonds are rich in calories, they do not contribute to belly fat. When you talk about weight loss, most people would suggest you to avoid bananas as they are fattening. Apples are perhaps the most widely studied fruit, and the results of research into their benefits have been extremely positive.

It contains papain (an enzyme), which helps to break down food faster, flattens your belly and reduces bloating. Oats are not only filling, but they also provide your body with energy that is released slowly throughout the day. Tomatoes reduce water retention in the body, and also help in the production of leptin (a type of protein), which is responsible for regulating your appetite as well as your metabolism.
They are also rich in fibre, which keeps you satiated for a longer time, thus curbing your cravings.

The only remedy to cure water retention in the body is to increase fluid intake in your diet.

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