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Author: admin, 03.11.2013
Over the years many fad diets have came and went and many of them did make people lose weight. For example a low carbohydrate diet can cut out sources of energy in the form of bread, pasta or rice. The line taken is that the body builds up toxins within it and to remove these toxins certain foods must be eaten. Unfortunately life is simple, if you eat more food than your body can burn off with work then that extra energy from those calories is stored in your body as fat.
So if you consider that your exercise will gain you 300 calories then the weight loss seems so much more achievable.

It is very difficult to find a qualified expert to agree that the body stores these toxins and requires special foods to remove them. Many claims about the food cannot be backed up by scientific evidence, foods that stop fat forming, make you burn fat up quicker or in some other way defy all normal biological laws are common with these sorts of diets.
Also make sure that you eat lots of fruit and vegetables these low calorie foods are full of fibre and minerals and can help fight off any pangs of hunger. Researchers have also found that people who eat breakfast on a regular basis are more likely to be the correct weight. We also point out that dieting alone will not produce the new healthier you, some exercise or activity should also be included.

And if the diet is not carried out in a responsible manner then your body can become deficient in some minerals such as calcium or iron. Because we are doing this with the aim of remaining the same weight at the end of our plan we must make sure that our style of living can be carried out everyday for the rest of our lives.

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