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IC bladders often contain a large number of mast cells capable of releasing large amounts of histamine. Other reactions from food that may negatively affect an IC bladder include the consumption of other amines aside from histamines (including serotonin, dopamine, phenylethylamine and tyramine), as well as salicylates and glutamates. Note: if you are pregnant, breast feeding or have a family history of osteoporosis consult your doctor before removing dairy from your diet. Some foods are known to cause inflammation in the body or add to chronic inflammatory conditions such as IC.
Trying to combine a low oxalate diet with a diet free from all potential bladder irritants results in an extremely limited diet and perhaps one that doesn't contain all the nutrition needed to sustain a healthy body. An elimination diet means eating a very basic diet and introducing foods one at a time to find the items that cause symptoms. NOTE: Going on an elimination diet alongside a low oxalate diet may not always be accurate as dumping episodes may occur simultaneously. Histamines are a bladder irritant and in their natural state can trigger an inflammatory response and cause allergy-like reactions.

Many people are able to tolerate consumed histamines as they have healthy levels of an enzyme called diamine oxidase which breaks down histamine.
If you experience some bladder relief or fewer flare ups after this time it may be that histamines negatively affect you.
Foods in these catagories may not affect everyone but are worth looking into if the bladder is till flaring up or symptoms haven't decreased.
There may also be foods within these 'safe' lists that actually cause a flare up due to the individual being allergic or intolerant to them. Most people begin by eating a very basic diet of 1 grain, 1 protein, 1 vegetable and 1 fat for 4 days and during this time they monitor any bladder improvement in a food diary. Some foods are known to cause the body to release its own histamine from mast cells, therefore avoiding these foods may be advantageous to some IC suffers. It can take months to see improvement once gluten has been removed from the diet so dedication is required to find out if this is an IC trigger for you. Therefore it may be worth cutting dairy from the diet at the same time as gluten to try and achieve a reduction in IC symptoms.

To counter this you may need to try a food more than once (at a later date) to see if you have the same negative reaction. Unbroken down histamines in urine can have an irritating effect on the exposed bladder tissue. Once some relief is felt, one new food is added every 4 days and in rotation of food group (i.e. If you eat a food and do not flare but then eat it all the time and do flare you will need to note how often you can tolerate this food. Many IC patients always avoid the 'danger' foods listed on the IC diet due to the known reactions they have in so many patients.

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