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Author: admin, 12.05.2013
The latest edition and all previous ones of Pukka Planet – our collections of articles we produce for you on regular basis about people, plants and the planet. Supplements with the power of over a decade’s development together with the latest techniques and scientific research.
Organic and bursting with the very best nature has to offer: welcome to Pukka organic teas and wellbeing. Simple, steamed green vegetables are given a makeover in this delicious and nutritious side dish, which brings together the nutty flavours of pumpkin seeds, walnuts and hemp oil with the vibrancy of freshly steamed asparagus and broccoli. Mix the vegetables with the pumpkin seed and walnut mixture, and add the lemon juice and hemp oil. Nourishing and delicious, this Food of the Gods, aka kicharee, recipe is fantastic with a teaspoon of organic Ghee.

Slow release carbohydrates paired with the fantastically fragranced flavours of fennel and coconut make for a delicious, guilt-free snack.
Clean-flavoured, silken smooth and packed full of nutrients, asparagus is not only delicious, but incredibly nourishing too. For the very latest stories and news direct to your inbox, simply give us your email address. Our unique range of organic herbal remedies and award winning teas are based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda – ‘the art of living wisely.’ We set up Pukka Herbs to make the wonders of this wisdom easily accessible to everyone.
Blog with photos of food recipes of North and South Indian cooking,Andhra Pradesh cuisine,Ayurvedic diet health tips,nutrition of spices and herbs,natural herbal home remedies from a foodie's kitchen in India. Great recipe.I mention this since we are forgetting the calories :) Deep fried potato chips (the kettle fried variety) goes really well with B-cube (as we call Bisi-bele-bath)!

Hi Sailu, I have entered this recipe for my weekend event, culinlinkus which I have now rechristened to Curry Mela. In our site, we’ve connected all the stories that surround Pukka and built something that lets you discover these things for yourself. Sprinkle over a hint of paprika at the end for a great kick – a fantastic way to liven up steamed vegetables.
Ashwini, I think bisi-hot bele-dal huli-tamarind and anna-rice.Bdsn, I have some marathi moggu, I can give it to you, when we drop in.

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