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Author: admin, 12.10.2013
Losing weight during pregnancy is decidedly dangerous for both the mother and the unborn baby’s health.It is simply foolhardy to lose weight during pregnancy. Women should endeavour for a healthy amount of weight gain during their pregnancy which should be anywhere between 12-15 kgs depending on what their weight was prior to conceiving. As a rule of thumb, no sane and sensible doctor will advise you to lose weight during pregnancy. If the woman is grossly obese, the doctor will advise her to lose weight before she tries to conceive or eat less during the first trimesters when the foetus’s nutritional requirements are not very much. If gestational diabetes is plaguing the woman, the doctor may ask the woman to lose weight. Weight loos should only be undertaken when the woman is sure that the attempts at weight loss will not unduly deprive the baby of essential nutrients. Any kind of weight loss undertaken during pregnancy should be strictly under medical supervision and the doctor’s permission. Efforts must be made to meet a qualified nutritionist who can chalk out an appropriate meal plan for you that will help you to meet your weight loss goals without compromising on the quality of nutrition that the foetus receives.
Part one of this series looked at losing weight while trying to conceive from a beginning standpoint. The first thing I want to repeat is that losing weight while trying to get pregnant (or any other time) means lifestyle change.

Not eating well and starving yourself can have adverse effects and can lead to a host of pregnancy related complications.
Obese women, however, have to exercise more restraint and work towards gaining weight that is considered optimal for the growing baby. This includes taking up exercises like walking, swimming and yoga all of which are considered beneficial during pregnancy. Include a variety of non-fattening snacks that will give you the energy to sustain your pregnancy. If you have already gained 10 pounds in the first or second month, then your doctor may ask you to slow down the rate at which weight is being gained. Women in the later trimesters can also take up kegel exercises, which will help them through a difficult birth and labour.
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