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Author: admin, 08.11.2015
Thanksgiving is at our house this year, which means I’ve been searching pinterest looking for the best recipes to try! Cristina Cavanaugh, RDI am a registered dietitian, yoga instructor, and mom who has a passion for overall health and wellness and enjoys helping people feel and look their best!
I thought it was just going to be my husband and me for Thanksgiving this year, but then my sister said she and her partner wanted to come over.
I’ve never heard of a Blue Hokkaido Pumpkin, but if I can find one this dish is gonna grace my Thanksgiving table for sure!
Soup is a welcoming first dish for a chilly Thanksgiving meal and this Sweet Potato Pumpkin Soup looks warming and comforting. I used to make my sweet potatoes with marshmallows, but these Maple Pecan Smashed Sweet Potatoes are more enticing and healthier! This entry was posted in Plant-Based Diet, Recipes and tagged coconut spinach recipe, green bean holiday recipes, healthy cranberry sauce recipes, plant-based Thanksgiving recipes, raw vegan side dishes, squash recipes, sweet potato soup recipe, Thanksgiving side dish recipes, vegan, vegan side dishes, vegan soup recipes, vegan stuffed mushroom recipes, vegan stuffing recipes, Vegan Thanksgivign side dish recipes, vegan Thanksgiving recipes.

Wow, I’m an omnivore and I would LOVE this Thanksgiving if you chose any of these dishes! We don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, but after seeing all those brilliant recipes, I might just become an honorary citizen of the USA just for the occasion!
Whether you’re vegan or entertaining a vegan guest for Thanksgiving, our healthy vegan recipes for Thanksgiving, featuring many vegetable side dishes and grain side dishes, are perfect to round out a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. This dish, that I should note is made from cauliflower instead of potatoes, would certainly be healthy. Just place the squash halves on a big plate with a serving spoon and let people scoop rice and squash out of the shells like a dish. Thank you so much for sharing, that’s something that even if I don’t make for Thanksgiving that I want to try for sure! I have no intention of serving meat at my Thanksgiving feast, and everyone coming is well aware of this fact.

I always like adding a pear or pom dish to the menu and i agree with sonal on the stuffed shells, its incredibly simple to make and very filling. Try our easy vegan recipes for Thanksgiving for flavorful dishes both vegans and nonvegans at your Thanksgiving table will enjoy.
I have a spinach-tofu stuffed shells recipe on the blog, which i served for thanksgiving last year. So if you have any easy, healthy, delicious and vegan Thanksgiving recipes, feel free to share. I am going to post a vegan pot pie recipe soon with acorn squash, chickpeas and greens, that would be a soul-satisfying one pot meal.

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