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Marilyn and David Weissing, both Mayo Clinic employees, knew something was wrong when their 19-year-old son, Karl, asked to be taken to the hospital one summer evening in 2014.
When Clint Frederick learned that he needed a heart transplant, he naturally wondered what the road ahead would look like.
Diagnosed with a rare disease, livedoid vasculopathy, Cheryl Sturdevant turned to Mayo Clinic for help. When Cheryl Sturdevant found out she had livedoid vasculopathy, she had no idea what it was.
She kept researching livedoid vasculopathy and found information about it on a Mayo Clinic website.
Cheryl called Mayo Clinic's Rochester campus and made an appointment to see a physician in Cardiovascular Diseases. Not only is livedoid vasculopathy rare, it can also be very difficult to effectively treat.
Several years ago, her team recommended a new treatment possibility that showed promise in decreasing the wounds of livedoid vasculopathy. One of her physicians in Dermatology saw a journal article that detailed results of a study on pain management in people with livedoid vasculopathy. Although she's been pleased with the improvement she's seen in her condition since she came to Mayo Clinic, Cheryl still keenly recalls the first months after her diagnosis when she felt alone and isolated.
An extensive search eventually turned up an online support group for people with livedoid vasculopathy. Her outlook began to change, however, when Kim was referred to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Kim helped two members of the support group get appointments at Mayo Clinic for evaluation to explore other treatment possibilities. As she reflects on the care she and the others received at Mayo Clinic, Kim believes its value cannot be underestimated. Despite the discomfort and pain that follows any major surgical procedure, Dick's recollection of his time at Mayo Clinic and his follow-up visits is anything but negative. Dick looks forward to his return visits to Mayo Clinic, whether going for himself or accompanying others.
She says her experiences at Mayo Clinic have been so much more than she could have expected. When her doctors suspected Kristen Soley had aplastic anemia, a rare condition in which the body stops making enough new blood cells, she says something told her to call Mayo Clinic.
The next line of treatment was a bone marrow transplant, which infuses healthy stem cells into the body to replace damaged or diseased bone marrow. Two days later, Kristen moved to the Gift of Life Transplant House near Mayo Clinic, where she remained for 35 days. Along with her faith, Kristen says her strong support network was key to being able to focus on her health. Throughout, he and his family were grateful for the outpouring of care and support he received from Mayo Clinic staff. Over the years, Cheryl's care team at Mayo Clinic has explored several unique options in an effort to keep her symptoms at bay. Intravenous immunoglobulin, or IVIg, is a purified blood product that contains healthy antibodies from blood donors.

Dick and his wife knew that having one implanted would change both their lives, but they agreed it was the best option to ensure they continued to live out their futures together. She participates each year in the annual PanCan Walk and even donated her cells to the BioBank at Mayo Clinic, a research initiative that aims to build cell lines and test new treatments.
During treatment sessions, she focused on creating a safe space where Karl could be himself and have support to deal with being sick and living in the hospital. As she has experienced success in her treatment at Mayo Clinic, she's been motivated to help the others in the group find quality care, too. Chowdhary helped Kim create a treatment plan that included regular follow-up visits to Mayo Clinic. So she and her husband moved from their home in North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida, to be near Mayo Clinic's Florida campus. She was able to have this therapy at a hospital close to her home, with Mayo Clinic overseeing her care and coordinating with the hospital. She also worked with pain management specialists, physical therapists, a dietitian and an acupuncturist to find ways to successfully manage Kim's symptoms. But thanks to the collaborative approach at Mayo Clinic, doctors were able to restore not only some mobility to his arm, but also provide a unique approach to pain management.

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