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Author: admin, 04.02.2015
Smoothies became prevalent in the US in the late 1960s, when ice cream vendors and health food stores began selling them to health-conscious consumers. Nutritious, easy to transport and versatile, smoothies make a convenient on-the-go breakfast or tasty afternoon pick-me-up. For added protein and to help build muscle, think whole milk with a high-quality protein powder.
These refreshing smoothies can be made in a “BlenderBottle,” or use a standard blender if you would like to add pieces of fresh or frozen fruit to your recipe.

By the 1990s, smoothies were so well liked that many cafes and restaurants added them to their menus.
Smoothies are an easy way to get adequate amounts of vitamins and protein in your diet, especially if you are busy. Smoothies remain popular and pre-blended versions are now readily available in many supermarkets. For example, for weight loss and added nutrients, try a fruit juice and low-fat frozen yogurt-based smoothie as a breakfast substitute.

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