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Author: admin, 17.04.2014
We signed ourselves up for a gym membership, some personal training sessions and we were off!
We had started a clean eating lifestyle – nothing white, nothing processed and nothing packaged. After a summer of eating poorly, I finally sat down yesterday for a couple of hours and planned out a healthy week meal plan for a family of six. I had all of the notes and handouts from the nutritionist that I had seen at the gym in the past as well as some recipes I had printed off from the internet for school lunch ideas. At that point, I had talked many times about getting back to our eating clean diet but just hadn’t made the time to sit down and get it planned. Since I have started this better eating menu and have gotten back to my running, I feel much better and have lost a total of 8.5 lbsĀ  in a month!

It is very rewarding to have your children eating a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and teaching them how to make nutritious choices. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. After two years of running around with my twins and being so busy with raising four young children, my husband and I both decided that it was about time to lose weight and get back to eating healthy. We lasted on this quite some time before we went back to eating the same way we had before. With my pen and paper, I planned a menu for one week and we will duplicate the same menu for my second week also.
After having a BBQ with friends and eating processed burgers with white buns, potato salad (yummy), and corn on the cob, I went to bed early with some Pepto Bismol because I had a sore tummy and even worse than the usual dull ache I had been experiencing.

After the barbecue night, I knew that I finally had to make the change and get back to a healthy and nutritious meal plan for the entire family. We still continued eating whole wheat and all the whole grains that we had already implemented and still continue to drink skim milk.
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