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Author: admin, 28.12.2013
Late night studies, parties, wrong eating habits, beers and so on; but all this do not contribute to a healthy lifestyle and work as factors to hamper your capabilities to further the education – career and a successful life. All are advised to have Better eating habits and take medicines as directed which will help you all in weight and stress management.
Balancing calories with activity to meet your daily calcium requirements will keep you hale and hearty as Healthy eating for a healthy weight is the best way of life.

Apart from the aforesaid health tips still students are found to be suffering from the enlisted ailments. Especially the students at colleges and universities mainly the teenagers; who get affected very fast and they carry on this baggage of bad health through their entire life. For this an active routine – avoiding TV and Soda would ensure that you stay happy and healthy.

Walking to your class and dorms, brisk walking, using stairs instead of elevators – enhances the heart functioning and overall health.

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