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Author: admin, 23.10.2015
If you want to turn your binge eating habit into healthy eating habit, first of all you must BELIEVE that you can do it. Put it this way: if you believe you can eat healthy without overeating – that means you will be able to eat healthy sooner or later.
4.If you have a special time when you binge (for instance, some people binge eat after work, or after school) – meditate every time after work, school or any time close to your binge eating time.

Islam and Eating Disorders founded in 2012 – run by Maha Khan, the blog creates awareness of Eating Disorders in the Muslim world, offers information and support for sufferers and their loved ones.
If you don’t believe it – you will not be able to eat healthy and it does not matter what kind of therapy you undergo, unless you start believing. Mentally comment what’s happening while you eat, for example “ She is now eating her Caesar salad delicately and calmly because she is a lady.

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