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Author: admin, 02.08.2015
Leave a Comment Family dinner is supposed to be this magical time – a time where everybody gathers around the table, shares something about their day, engages in a stimulating conversation, and enjoys a fabulous meal together.
As they got older, it was more of the fact that I couldn’t get any sort of agreement about dinner. In fact, it seemed that a ‘magic’ family dinner time only happened when we were eating out. The problem is – after a few years of this trend and as we approached our 40s, we started getting serious about our health – and the more we learned, the more we realized that eating out was part of the problem (a topic for another article). Honestly, that one night of family dinner was one of the best decisions we made as a family. September 24 is Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner with your Children founded in 2001 by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University.

In honor of this special day – we’re launching a 30-day challenge to raise awareness about the benefits of family dinner and to help people bring their families back to the table. With four kids, I love the convenience of having healthy dinners planned for me & my grocery list right there at my fingertips. I was forever negotiating with them…‘Eat your dinner or you won’t get dessert.’ And, I was forever worried about whether they were getting a balanced meal. We weren’t eating the healthiest food, we were getting bored with our dining options, and no one could agree on the same restaurant.
Our teenage daughters (even at 15 and 19) make a point of being home for dinner every night. I have dedicated my life to helping people lose weight, eat better, feel better and lead a healthier life.

For a while, my husband and I felt like short-order cooks because we’d rather cook different things for everyone than have to face the rolling eyes or take the risk that someone wouldn’t come to the table at all because they didn’t get what they were hungry for. I am forwarding the link to one of my husband’s co-workers who has been expressing interest in what our family has been eating lately.

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