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Following all of the Christmas feasting, I've been trying to get more fruits and veg into my diet.
Although a regular curry sauce wouldn't be all that healthy, this one doesn't have any naughties in it. The traditional diet of the peoples of the Mediterranean has been shown to be the healthiest diet in the World.
The beauty of the ancient diet of the Mediterranean is that it provides a wonderfully healthy, tasty and complete diet that is centred around fresh, non processed, readily available natural produce. We feel how we eat; there is increasing evidence that our diet can affect our mood and that the Mediterranean Diet may help to maintain a healthy mind.
By applying these general principles it is easy to adopt a more balanced and healthy proportional intake of food and construct a planned weekly menu with simple or sophisticated recipes to achieve this. The Mediterranean Diet pyramid concept illustrated above was conceived by nutritionists and epidemiologists from the World Health Organisation and Harvard’s School of Public Health. The Mediterranean Diet is about day to day simple patterns of eating and ingredients rather than complex cuisine or time consuming recipes, unless of course there is special occasion to celebrate. Referring to the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, a visit to the supermarket can ensure stocks of basic ingredients are easily accessible to create a wonderful food experience.
Salads are a beautiful accompaniment to fish and meat, in particular combining the colours of a summer garden at any time of year.
The lowly potato, so common in Western European diets can be given the “Positively Good for You” Mediterranean treatment. At least once try the “super- salad”, loaded with antioxidants and colour, the only challenge will be finding a bowl big enough. From a basic mix of extra virgin olive oil with balsamic vinegar or walnut oil, the scope for dressings is wide and can include many ingredients which combine healthy antioxidants with fabulous flavours. The spice route passed through the Mediterranean and the spice markets of Istanbul combined traditional herbs of the Mediterranean with more exotic flavours from India and the Far East. STEP 1; The Bottom Line- Plan your meals and shopping around a well balanced Mediterranean diet. This meal plan is what Olympian Annett Davis will be eating during week one of the 2012 Spring Into Shape Challenge.
Click here to download the Spring Into Shape Meal Plan Week 1 with the links to the recipes!!! I am a little behind but starting to do a regular routine and I am loving the two plans that you have for the legs and cardio and upper body, along with the six pack abs. This recipe makes 4 large and healthy beef burgers that is ideal with our healthy chips recipe, healthy tomato relish recipe, or just a plain green salad, and is based on our quarter pounder with griddled vegetables recipe. Place the borlotti beans, onion and tomato puree in a mixing bowl and season with the herbs, salt and pepper.
Spray a large frying pan with the low calorie spray and place the pan on a medium high heat.
Cook the burgers for 7 or 8 minutes on each side until lightly browned and done to your liking.
Turn the heat down to its lowest and simmer with the lid on for at least 60 minutes until the tomato has broken down and you have the correct consistency for relish. Spray a large non-stick pan with the low calorie cooking oil and place the pan on a medium heat. Place the cardamom pods, mustard seeds and cloves in the pan and heat for a couple of minutes until the mustard seeds first begin to pop. Add the lentils and mix well with the onions, allowing the lentils to absorb any liquid in the pan.

Cook on a low simmer for around 30 minutes until the lentils have begun to break down and the sauce thicken.
Cook for another few minutes then remove from the heat and allow the ingredients to rest for 5 or 10 minutes before serving, in this case with plain boiled rice. In to the bowl add the Moroccan spices, half of the coriander, half of the lemon juice, garlic, mustard seeds, a desert spoon or two of both the tomato and onions, season with salt and pepper, then mix very well so that all of the chicken pieces are well coated and allow to stand for about 15 minutes. Add the chicken and marinade mix to the pan and cook for a few minutes until the chicken is almost done. Carefully remove the chicken to a bowl, leaving the juices from the chicken and marinade in the pan. Add the tomatoes and mix well and allow the rice to absorb the water from the tomatoes for a minute or two.
Add the remaining lemon juice and mix well and allow the rice to absorb the juice for a minute or two. Add the chickpeas including the water from the tin and mix through again allowing the rice to absorb the liquid. Begin adding the stock, a few ladles at a time, and allow the rice to absorb the liquid each time. Continue to add stock, and boil down each time, mixing well, without allowing the rice to become too dry. When the rice is well cooked and most of the liquid is absorbed, take the pan from the heat and add the chicken back to the pan.
Add the remaining coriander to the top of the pan as a garnish and allow the ingredients to stand for 10 or 15 minutes before serving.
This is the basic tomato pasta sauce that can be used as it is simply with pasta and can also be adapted to make different types of sauce with the addition of other ingredients such as minced beef, bacon, mushrooms, olives etc. Add the onions, carrot and celery and cook on a medium heat for a few minutes until well softened. At this point you need to check the sauce thickness and add some boiling water if necessary, remembering to allow for the sauce to thicken down. Serve with your choice of pasta and other ingredients such as in this case some healthy pork meatballs.
Leave to cool for 10 minutes and divide into finger food sized portions (about 12.) Can be served hot or cold. Spray a 20 cm non-stick frying pan with low calorie cooking spray and add the onions and garlic, peppers and potatoes.
Put the pan under a medium-hot grill for 5-6 minutes, or until the tortilla is set and golden.
Coat a large non-stick pan with low calorie cooking spray and fry off the bacon on a medium heat until lightly browned. Add the onions, garlic and chilli and continue to cook until the onions are lightly browned, mixing thoroughly at as it cooks.
Season with the herbs, stock cube and pepper, mixing thoroughly at as it cooks for another couple of minutes. Add the pasta to the sauce and simmer until the pasta is cooked al dente (firm but not hard), this will take about 12 to 15 minutes more, you may need to adjust the amount of water so that the sauce is thick and rich. A very simple recipe: place all of the ingredients together in a large pan and allow to marinade together for about 20 minutes before cooking. Place the rice, frozen vegetables, orange zest and juice, chickpeas and spice blend in a large saucepan and stir in 600ml of water.
NB Next time I think I will try adding some chicken, syns would be the same on the extra easy plan.

Scientific study after scientific study has demonstrated that people who eat such foods in the proportion outlined in the “Mediterranean Diet Pyramid” (illustration 1) not only live longer, but have significantly lower risk of heart disease and many cancers, including bowel, prostate and breast cancer. Not only does the Mediterranean Diet seem to significantly reduce the risk of Alzheimers Disease and other forms of dementia, but studies also support the notion that a Mediterranean style diet can protect us from depression. For example, a week may be planned around 2 fish dishes, 2 poultry, 2 vegetarian based and a single meal with red meat.
The aim was to pictorially represent the nutritional balance in the diet of the areas in the Mediterranean with the lowest recorded rates of chronic disease and the highest adult life expectancy. Brown rice, pasta, couscous, other whole grains and potatoes can form the low GI carbohydrate which combines with vegetables or beans and perhaps fish, lean white or red meat to create a balanced , nutritious and complete meal. Again the combination of flavours from simple and positively good for you ingredients is almost endless.
There should be sufficient water for the lentils to absorb and still leave a thick sauce at the end. Take care to mix well and do not allow the rice to catch and burn on the bottom of the pan. Mix the chicken well in to the rice so that the flavors from the chicken mix well in to the rice and the chicken heats through to complete its cooking.
Fry over a medium heat for 12-16 minutes or until the vegetables have softened, but not coloured. You need to add sufficient water to ensure the pasta, when added 30 minutes later, will have enough liquid to absorb. Once the ingredients have been well mixed and allowed to stand, place the pan on a high heat until the chicken pieces are cooked.
I was trying to avoid carbs this week ( I did manage to go the whole week without bread) but I could't think of what else to put with these so it ended up being pasta with red pesto mixed with salad leaves and halved cherry tomatoes.
There are even “fad diets” that are potentially dangerous to long term health and expose people to increased risk of heart disease and cancer. Low in saturated fats, low in salt, and with a low glycaemic index, there is evidence that it is a healthier and more successful weight controlling lifestyle than the “low fat, high carbohydrate” much promoted in the last few years. We intuitively know that an unhealthy lifestyle full of saturated fat and processed foods reduces our sense of wellbeing, and now scientific research has illustrated very elegantly that the dietary advice contained in this book can reduce the risk of depression by as much as thirty percent. Some chopped chilli or mustard will add spice and white wine or balsamic vinegar can enhance the rich “peppery” experience. Check several of the larger chicken piece to make sure they are completely cooked and serve with either plain boiled rice or in this case healthy chips. Furthermore, people are more likely to persevere and make long term changes when they are delighting in a wide variety of enjoyable foods. It is thought that the low glycaemic index, high vitamin and antioxidant Mediterranean Diet may increase serotonin levels in our brains. Most people can increase their intake of vegetables and fruit if portions of meat are reduced. It also takes just about the same amount of time to make from scratch as it does to cook through the sauce from a jar.
The only requirement for the Spring Into Shape Challenge is that you follow a healthy eating plan (even if you create your own).
On the menu below if it says “fme” that means the recipe is in the FMFKC ebook you should have downloaded when you took the pledge on the right sidebar of the website.

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