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Author: admin, 13.01.2014
Studies show that inactive people have nearly twice the probability of developing heart disease compared to people who are physically active. Being physically active along with following a healthy diet is one of the most important things that one can do in order to keep the heart healthy.
Cardiovascular activities (or Cardio) are exercises that speeds up your heart rate and therefore pushes your heart to work harder and as a result get stronger with time, pumping more blood through the body with every beat.
Yoga assists in improving heart health by lowering cholesterol levels and by decreasing stress and anxiety. In short, the more daily exercise you squeeze in your daily schedule, the happier and healthier your heart will be.
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Researchers from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology found that people who believe diet is most implicated in obesity have a lower BMI (body mass index, one screening tool used by health professionals to determine possible weight problems). The study, published in Psychological Science (the journal of the Association for Psychological Science), found that data from those surveyed in the United States, Korea and France showed the same patterns — if study participants believed diet was the culprit of being overweight, they tended to weigh less than those who believed exercise was key. The study authors said that surveyed Canadians who thought exercise played the major role in weight ate significantly more chocolates than those who linked obesity to diet, as did those from Hong Kong.
As a personal trainer, I often struggle to help clients realize they can’t exercise away a poor diet.

It basically helps to stretch the arteries, improving their elasticity for better cardiovascular fitness.
Fit at least 1.5hrs of exercise in your weekly routine and you will help your heart and cut back your risk of all types of cardio-related diseases at every age. Physical exercise helps to lower blood pressure, manage cholesterol and fat levels in the blood as well as increases the body’s ability to manage the sugar and insulin levels circulation within our system. This in turn will improve stamina for sports as well as your day to day activities such as climbing stairs. The strategy is to alternate between short bursts of high intensity exercises with longer bouts of active recovery.
High intensity exercise such as running has resulted in improving several cardiovascular-related risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol level and inflammation.
While this low-impact exercise makes your heart pumping, it also tones the lower body and strengthens your core muscles. Check our pages out, and don’t forget to Follow us, to keep up-to-date on Everything you need to know for Eating Healthy & Living Fit! According to heart specialists, it is recommended to introduce at least 30minutes of moderate to intense exercise at least three days a week.

This continuous change in heart rate leads to better endurance, muscular strength and overall health. One can improve their cardiovascular fitness through the following heart-pumping exercises. If you eat healthy foods, drink tons of water 9and cut out sugary drinks or tons of fattening creams and milk) and if you exercise daily, you will be in really good shape.
Of course I gained initially with the exercise but looked much better and felt really good about it.
I’ve always noticed that I do best when I put in cardio exercises like running into the mix with my diet.

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