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Author: admin, 06.02.2015
Ultimate Indian comfort food made healthier and lighter + unbeatable convenience of a crock pot.
Ultimate comfort Indian food made lighter, healthier and in a slow cooker for an added convenience. I opted in to use tomato paste instead of tomato sauce because of condensation that builds up in a crock pot, thus diluting the sauce. This looks so appetizing, Olena, that I nearly abandoned my plans to make a thai chicken dish tonight and make this instead!

My husband and I love butter chicken, but don’t order it out, or make it at home due to our clean diets, BUT, Olena, I’m making this right now in the slow cooker for dinner tonight! Chicken contains water and it is released during the cooking process, along with condensation => therefore needs more thickening agent like flour. I had defrosted the chicken with another recipe in mind but didn’t have the right ingredients. I have always thought butter chicken sounds delicious but probably really unhealthy, so thanks for this lighter version!

Trust me, more than anything I would love to smother this chicken in some organic Greek yogurt but it will curdle while cooking. I haven’t tested this recipe on the stove but I assume an hour or so to simmer in a pot.

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