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Author: admin, 17.11.2014
Check your bulk section or Indian grocery for dried chickpeas(channa)…soak them in hot water, drain, then cook in a pressure cooker for 30 minutes…easy peasy! You actually know what people want and have presented it in a way that an someone like me that is new at starting a healthy diet on a budget can follow and understand. I really enjoyed reading your article especially these cheap and healthy meals for families.

Since kids love bread without crusts, why not get them rolled up with these frugal and healthy sandwiches. Filled with bean healthful goodness, these wonderful wedges can be split between three family members for a fun meal. As a low calorie and cheap dish, you’ll still feel superbly satisfied with these healthful ingredients.

To help you in your quest to prepare frugal, easy, and healthy dinners I’ve put together a visual guide to five family meals for $5 bucks.

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