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Author: admin, 05.05.2014
Be sure to check out my follow-up post of 9 Parenting Tactics for Toddlers that Really Work! You can keep a toddler entertained for literally hours by giving them a dishpan full of water, some small plastic kitchen items like measuring spoons or toy dishes. They won’t sit still for long but reading to your toddler is a wonderful way to nurture the love of books.

The problem was once they hit the toddler age, we moved to an apartment with a carpeted dining area!
Keep in mind when planning play time and activities with your toddler their attention span is short.
But there are things that toddlers and preschoolers will do for a very long time if you let them.

One thing you can do that your toddler will love is to build a tower and let them knock it over.

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