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Author: admin, 15.10.2013
Also, try to perform some breathing exercises before starting the day 3 diet (in the morning) as it will help in releasing the tensions garnered from first and second days. You can eat unlimited amount of fruits and vegetables on this day excluding Potatoes and Bananas. If your going to run a website about the GM diet plan then you should eat your own dog food and experience the diet for yourself.
Even though I totally enjoy fruits and vegetables after having nothing else for 3 days and raw at that I’m looking forward to a nice meal after the diet has ended. I’m counting down the hours until tomorrow morning arrives and I can have meat for the first time in 4 days. If you've successfully completed the first two days of the diet without cheating, you'll surely lose upto 4 to 6 pounds by today. Since you're depending solely on fruits and veggies, which you're not used to, you'll experience a slight headache on this day.
Both my wife and I exchange ideas daily what our first real meal will be once the diet is over. In regards to how I feel today my stomach seems to be getting use to less food however there are times throughout the day I felt hungry.
Keep in mind this is an aggressive diet and it’s a good idea to seek medical consultation before attempting.

On this day, you're allowed to eat both vegetables and fruits excluding Bananas and Potatoes. So, it is advised to increase your water intake by 2 glasses (total 10 glasses) on this day. I think it’s important to weigh in first thing out of bed so your making the most accurate comparisons each day.
I will say that I had some strange dreams the first night, maybe related to the diet, maybe not. I’m keeping up with drinking lots of water, about 8 glasses a day is whats recommended. It’s not the same great taste of Chinese fried rice but hey, it’s the final day!
I have to admit I was a bit nervous getting started, after all going from eating meat every day of my life to four days straight without it just might be an awaking. So what I’m about to do is document in detail my personal experience (my wife is going to write about her own) of each day of the diet and most importantly the results. It wasn’t long before lunch come and I had a salad (plain, no dressing) with green pepper, tomatoes, cauliflower, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.
It was more challenging going to bed on what felt like an empty stomach so than in day one but I totally expected this.

Going 4 days on just fruits and vegetables can take a toll if your like me who loves burgers, fries, pizza, etc. I never anticipated being on any kind of diet that you feel full all the time let alone the GM Diet. That probably wasn’t a bad thing because only having a total of 4 bananas all day I felt a little low on energy.
Unless tomorrows weigh in happens to come in higher I’ve lost the 10 pounds in 7 days as the GM diet advertises. There it was 35 minutes on the treadmill (just like day 1) and then 20 minutes on a stationary bike. This salad was refreshing however as I mentioned in day one it’s getting harder not having that typical lunch. With that in mind it might be better to start the diet on the weekend or when you’ll have more downtime and not be at say work. It’s been 6 days now and just one more to get through, I know if any of you have made it this far quitting is furthest from your mind.

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