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Author: admin, 15.10.2013
If you have been watching what you eat or exercising for a while now, you may have heard the term “glycemic index” or “G.I” used in reference to particular foods. The term glycemic index refers to the degree that a particular food increases blood sugar by after consuming it. Thanks to the sustained, and relatively moderate blood glucose response Lower G.I foods trigger in our bodies, they are associated with a feeling of longer lasting energy, and a greater sensation of satiety. If you are looking to get rid of that spare tyre sitting around your waistline, or perhaps get into that old pair of jeans which unfortunately no longer fit; then paying more attention to the glycemic index of your dietary choices could be very useful for you.

Generally when we attempt to lose weight and reduce our calorie intake, things can be a struggle due to increased hunger pangs, and feeling less energized throughout the day.  However by increasing the low G.I content of your meals you can actually combat these feelings! With these potential benefits in mind, it’s incredibly easy to see how regulating the glycemic index of your foods can help you achieve your body composition goals. The following table (which can be enlarged by clicking on it) demonstrates the G.I index of a variety of foods, and will give you a good idea of which foods are more appropriate for particular scenarios. In summary,  the glycemic index can have a profound effect on energy levels throughout your day, helping you to not only feel fuller for longer, but also less prone to creating fat stores.

Glycemic index can also be incredibly important for athletes looking to make the most of the post-exercise recovery period. Thanks to the busy and demanding lives we now lead, despite glycemic index in previous decades having been something generally only considered by people with specific medical requirement such as diabetics who need to regulate their blood glucose levels; now more and more of society is realizing the impact that the glycemic index of their food choices can make on their daily lives.

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