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Author: admin, 02.12.2013
This picture is a bit graphic BUT I think it does a great job of demonstratinghow our bodies function with healthy food and with unhealthy food. This post is not to convince people to stop eating all together lol - I know I might get some strange comment like that. Almonds – full of protein and good fats (Raw Almonds are best… I get a big bag from Sam’s Club). Protein Bars – Quest Protein bars are really tasty and have a great ratio of protein to sugar. Shakeology – a great option for on the go because you can pour a water bottle into your shaker cup and mix it wherever you are.
In terms of your fruit, if you don't have fresh fruit, frozen fruit is fine, just be sure the ingredients are just fruit and no added sugar. Would it be bad, or harmful if you ate the same 3 meals and 3 or 2 snacks every day, for example your 1500 calorie diet.

I also like making my own trail mix by combining nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans or cashews with dried fruits like cherries, raisins, and peaches that I cut into quarters.
Try sweetening it yourself with berries, Stevia, a good protein powder, or just a touch of raw honey, raw agave nectar, or pure maple syrup. If you are incorporating Shakeology into your daily nutrition and are still in need of a high protein snack, a good quality protein shake is a good option, especially as an evening snack.
The only downside for me is that it now includes some soy lecithin, but it’s still a better option than so many others out there.
Just uploaded a new health video talking about 3 ways to stop craving bad unhealthy food, like fast food and sweets.
When I’m ready for my Shakeology, I just mix it in with my yummy pre-mixed almond milk! Choose a peanut butter that only lists peanuts in the ingredients (a little salt is okay, as long as it’s not much).

I LOVE doing these types of videos because I think feeling good in your own body and being proud of your body is such an important thing. And it seems like you guys like them too, so that makes me happy :) Feel free to leave more health-related video requests down below in the comments - as well as any others you may have.
If we fix this crave the first time with fruits and veggies, even though it might not be as mentally satisfying at that very moment, you will start to notice the difference long term.
Only use a small amount of peanut butter, like 1 Tbsp, because it is high in natural fat.  Be sure to track in your MyFitnessPal food diary.

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