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Author: admin, 30.04.2014
A smoothie is a great delicious and healthy drink for breakfast that is full of protein and anti-oxidants. Increase the speed, gradually, until you can see a good vortex forming on the top of the mix. Feel free to choose more than 4 fruit items if you are not making a low-calorie breakfast smoothie.
As you drink smoothies more and more, experiment with different ingredients and amounts of ingredients.

For a power-up to start your day, try mixing in a bit of avocado, chia seeds, and or flax seeds. Many doctors are now in favor of a breakfast smoothie for the energy, anti-oxidant health benefits, and as a way to jump-start your daily metabolism. Despite their skin, apples, for example, are sponges for pesticides, which remain in the fruit long after they are picked. It does not blend well because the fruit is pre-cooked, and they will separate when blended.

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