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Author: admin, 27.11.2014
The difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss and Why you should focus on FITNESS (not skinniness) for Long Term Health.
Restricting Calories to Lessen Body Weight will diminish the body’s ability to fight illness and disease. This post is not meant to say people shouldn’t lose weight, with the obesity epidemic we do need to encourage our world to maintain a healthier weight. This entry was posted in Caroline Jordan, Fitness, Fitness Tips, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Wellness Articles, Workouts and tagged body composition, body fat, caroline jordan, caroline jordan fitness, fat loss, Fitness, Fitness Tips, health, muscle, skinny, weight loss, wellness by carichic.
While weight may be important in the grand scheme of things, but there is a number that is much more accurate than this at providing a measurement of health: Body Fat Percentage.

This also means that more of the foods you eat are used as fuel, while the extra is passed and not stored. According to a recent study from the University of Illinois, a higher protein intake during weight loss can offset negative effects on muscle mass by maintaining more muscle relative to the amount of weight lost. I want you to be as educated as possible, and this means understanding why a ‘healthy Body Fat Percentage’ is so much more accurate of a goal than a ‘healthy weight’. If your weight loss plan includes weight-lifting or resistance training (as it should), your best incentive is to judge your progress by the fit and feel of your clothes rather than your weight. This post is simply meant to argue that it’s not weight but your body composition that is important in assessing health and achieving wellness.

As you can see you’re actually better off weighing more on the scale if you’re able to maintain a healthy fat mass-to lean mass ratio.  The more muscle you have in your body, the more metabolically active you are.

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