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Author: admin, 16.06.2015
You may have heard of high and low glycemic index foods and that you should eat as many low glycemic foods as you can if you want to keep your blood sugar low or if you are diabetic, but you may not have heard of the concept of Eating Below the Glycemic Index.
What you should notice about this chart, or any glycemic index chart, is that there are a number of foods that are missing. What is amazing about all these foods is that they are not only low on the glycemic index, but many of them are what I call Disease Busing Power Foods because they pack that additional nutritional punch that makes them not only good for you, but can actually prevent (and maybe even treat) many common diseases (such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and others). By choosing foods from below the glycemic index, you are picking the very best nutrition you can find. You may look at the Below the Glycemic Index foods and think that you cannot live on those foods alone.

Is it true… I heard that you can eat any thing you want, even if they are high, low, or below index foods. Atkins is a step in the right direction (less carbs), but misses the boat when you end up eating too much protein and fat. I am a strong believer in food and exercise being your best medicines and I hope that this site helps you with your own personal journey towards health. The reason why these missing foods are not on the chart is that they don’t have any effect on your blood sugar at all. You have to offset the high index foods with low or below with protein,and moderate portions , five times a day.

Our bodies thrive on vegetable and fruits and any diet that restricts those essential nutrients because of some artificial level of carbohydrates you are supposed to have every day can only lead to illness in the future. But just because these foods are not on the glycemic index doesn’t mean they are not important, in fact the opposite is true.

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