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Author: admin, 13.10.2014
When it comes to dieting to preserve and enhance your general health it is not only important to make the right food choices. As a general rule, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamin K and niacin can be stored with over 85% of nutritional retention during the processing and storage of foods.
For example, if you were to cook a pound of vegetables, you would need one-third of a pound of water, which would be less than a cup. To further reduce all vitamin losses, cook your food for no longer than it is necessary to suit your taste. Storing cooked vegetables for a day or longer in the refrigerator and then reheating it will result in losses of vitamin C between 25 to 50%. Vitamins in foods are also destroyed when stored in the freezer, however, to a lesser degree.

Vitamin A is reasonably stable in almost all food products and processes, but a notable exception is dehydrated foods exposed to air. It is also vitally important to be aware of and prevent nutritional losses, which occur during processing, cooking and storing foods. In order to preserve as much water soluble vitamins during the cooking process as possible, cook vegetables in water that weighs the maximum of one-third as much as the food. Food should be cooked as soon before serving as possible, since the nutritional value of food is highest at that time. Extended cooking of green, yellow or red vegetables can lower vitamin A content by 15 to 35%, but cooking high fiber foods, such as carrots probably increases the absorption of vitamin A. With these healthy recipes you can enjoy a cookie or two (or even 3!) with a glass of milk and still feel good about your nutritional choices.

Concentrated frozen orange juice stored in the freezer for one year for example loses only 5% of the vitamin C. It’s one of those recipes that tastes heavenly and just happens to be great for you too. However, in general there can be a significant loss of nutritional value when food is stored longer than a few months in the freezer.
Seriously, this is one you definitely have to try and don’t forget to top it with tons of fresh raspberries!

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