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Author: admin, 24.05.2013
If you follow celebrity diets, you might remember when celebrities like Beyonce touted the benefits of the cayenne cleanse. One reason why spicy foods help you lose weight is because those foods boost your metabolism. They swore that drinking water mixed with cayenne pepper and honey helped them lose weight.
Those with a faster metabolism process foods faster and eliminate waste and toxins faster, which helps them lose weight.
You probably reached for a big glass of milk or cold water to cool down your tongue, and you likely took a break from eating too. Those hot foods give you the flavor and taste that you want without adding too many calories, and when you incorporate hotter foods, you can even boost your metabolism at the same time.
Oats. Because of their high amounts of fiber, these little gems will keep you fuller longer. Fish. Some people are reluctant to try it because of the smell, but I promise you – it can taste delicious! Ground Turkey. This may be another one you are hesitant to try, but I promise, we’ve got some great recipes to make it taste REALLY good!

Peppers. They add a little spice and color to your dishes, but we love them because they are full of vitamins and antioxidants.
This can be a joke but one should consider that losing weight is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
While that cleanse didn’t melt the fat away, it is possible to lose a little extra weight when you add spicy foods to your diet. Your metabolism naturally slows as you age, but studies found that eating hotter foods can speed up a slower metabolism.
Eating spicy and hot foods can make you feel fuller faster, which keeps you from overeating at lunch or dinner.
One cup of either of these is low in calories, but packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber that are great for your body (especially when you’re trying to lose weight). They are a great source of fiber, make you feel fuller longer, and they are packed with vitamins (like Vitamin B, K, and E). If you have a sweet tooth like mine, a handful of pomegranate seeds is a great way to curb those cravings.
You can try them in a salad like our Spinach Mandarin Poppy-Seed Salad, or mix them into your favorite Green Smoothie.

They are all a great source of fiber, and like the high fiber found in oats, it will keep you fuller longer. Spread it on your favorite sandwich or use it as a dip to get all your veggies for the day. A broth-based soup laced with a little hot sauce, chicken breast dusted with cayenne or a spicy salsa added to your favorite sandwich can also deliver the flavor that you want without any added calories. You can find ways to sneak them into all sorts recipes, like these Three Bean Enchiladas or this Three Bean Salad. You can buy it in the store (make sure to check the ingredients – you should be able to pronounce all the ingredients), or make it at home. Once they get the hang of it, it would be a lot easier for them to eat new set of healthy food group.
The cayenne brings out the richness of the chocolate, but the spicy heat will keep you from overindulging.

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