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Author: admin, 26.07.2013
In one study, adding 63 mg of vitamin C to a grain-based, iron rich meal boosted iron absorption by almost 300% (Fidler et al 2009). In a recent study of more than 250 Israeli children, researchers found that kids who ate red meat rarely had a fourfold increased risk of being iron deficient (Moshe et al 2013). To read this newsletter in an easy .pdf format, click here to download Alkalizing Foods to Prevent Disease.
Second, cheap, convenience foods and fast foods—sugar, refined flour products, and fried foods—which are largely acid-forming, are everywhere.  Beyond convenience foods, we must also add the factor lifestyle—our “grab-and-go,” “grab-on-the-go” hurried living undermines home cooking, particularly the preparation of alkalizing foods like dark leafy greens and other plant-based alkalizing foods. Third, because the brain runs on glucose and because our lives are over-filled with stresses and overthinking, we often find ourselves running around on “empty.”  When we “hit the wall,” we crave sugar and refined carbohydrates as a stop-gap to stoke and appease our brain cells to keep them working for us despite fatigue and stress. To consume sufficient alkalizing foods in today’s world requires a conscious and conscientious effort.

The Potential Role of Acidity in Chronic Disease:  Bernard and Bechamp ‘s “Milieu Interieur” vs. Blood and extracellular body fluids, largely composed of H2O, are the medium of the myriad ongoing chemical reactions that take place in the body to preserve homeostasis and sustain life. These are particularly helpful for people suffering from cancer and joint issues, and other chronic conditions that are linked to over-acidic blood conditions. Bieler broth is a wonderful, nurturing and calming food that has been used by holistic doctors for fasting.  It helps to nourish and de-acidify the system and can be enjoyed in limitless amounts. Fluids become increasingly alkaline as pH values rise above pH 7, which is neutral.  Reactive hydrogen ions are increasingly diluted and outnumbered by hydroxyl electron donor ions. If you have concerns about iron deficiency and red meat isn't on your menu, you may want to take special note of  this evidence-based advice.

But, once we understand the role that alkalizing foods can play to prevent over-acidic blood conditions, a factor that is linked to chronic disease, it is easier to make such a commitment.
Here is a list of iron rich foods to supplement your iron intake, from plant and animal sources. But it's worth noting that some families who avoid red meat are finding it more difficult to maintain target iron levels.
Prevalence and risk factors of iron deficiency in healthy young children in the southwestern Netherlands.

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