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The interactive diet tracking calendar makes it easy to get started - Simply click a date to enter your weight, foods, exercise, notes, and more! Track your foods, daily weight, exercise, notes, and custom data all in one easy, yet powerful, view! Track custom data such as body measurements, glucose levels and any other value you prefer. Combining the benefits of keeping a food diary with calorie counting and nutrition tracking offers a recipe for success. Maintain Your Weight (or Gain): Track calories and nutrition to control your weight and meet your nutritional needs. Improve Eating Habits: Make healthier food choices and discover which foods are working best for you and your goals. Increase Energy: Find which foods, meals, and exercises give you the most energy and motivation.
Improve Your Health: Manage and monitor health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart health.

Food DiarySearch 1000's of foods, create favorites add your own foods and recipes and share creations with thousands of other members. Exercise TrackerLog daily exercise activities, create custom exercises, and track calories burned.
Weight Goal Widget: For extra motivation you can track your weight goal milestones from starting weight to your target weight using this stand-alone widget. More than an easy-to-use weight loss tool, our food tracker helps you balance your diet and improve your health.
Track custom data including glucose levels, blood pressure, carbohydrate intake, cholesterol, calcium or any other values you are interested in tracking and reporting.
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