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Author: admin, 05.07.2013
Students from Highland City Elementary School do push-ups before returning to another physical activity. This term, students in Polk County public schools will be evaluated beyond the subjects of math, science and reading. It’s the first time all 105 traditional public schools in the district distribute the Fitnessgram, a report that educates students and parents about the student’s physical health. The nationally recognized report evaluates a student’s performance in activities, such as sit-ups and trunk lifts.
Polk County, along with Miami-Dade, Pinellas and Seminole, is one of a few districts in Florida that requires the Fitnessgram. In a 2014 summary of the results from all schools, Polk found that more than 50 percent of students were in the Healthy Fitness Zone, opposed to Needs Improvement classification, for every category.
The highest scores were in abdominal strength, where 74 percent of the district was in the Healthy Fitness Zone.
The data also helps the teachers design classes that target those weak areas. The districtwide assessment will make physical education classes more relevant and rigorous for students, Wright said.

Educating students about fitness encourages them to participate more in physical activities.
In a 2008 study of students from Pinellas County Schools, ages ranging from 5 to 18, researchers found that students who scored higher in the Healthy Fitness Zone also had higher FCAT scores.
Susan Searls, physical education teacher at Davenport School of the Arts, said her biggest challenge is teaching students that it’s not okay to be sedentary. In a 2014 summary of Pinellas County, the highest scores were in trunk extension, 68 percent of the district was in the Healthy Fitness Zone. Christopher Roberts, principal of Highland City Elementary School, said his biggest concern is whether parents will take the time to read and understand the Fitnessgram. A K-12 Christian private school located in Gainesville called The Rock School has hosted international students from 40 countries around the world. Area in western Caribbean now being watched by NHC_Atlantic for possible tropical development. Polk County public school students will receive report cards assessing their health and fitness this term.

The evaluation focuses on areas like muscle strength, endurance and flexibility to measure the students’ fitness, according to a release by the Cooper Institute. However, body composition, the body’s proportion of fat and lean tissue, received the lowest scores, and 52 percent were in the Healthy Fitness Zone. When students are more active, they feel better and become more productive, which could lead to a rise in academic achievement, Wright said.
The lowest scores were in aerobic capacity, 6 percent of students were in the Healthy Fitness Zone. The school has given students from other countries, who have left their homes, a chance at attending a university in the U.S.

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