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Author: admin, 06.09.2014
I’ve posted this workout log because seeking financial fitness is no different from pursuing physical fitness. In the spirit of watching your wealth and health prosper this year, I’ve created this Free Printable Workout Log (exercise log sheet) to help you track your fitness sessions.
I used to develop schedules and log my workouts for running, but I am much less dedicated these days. I was at the Running Room today and notice that their logs go for about $13 so this is a good saver!
The Institute of Medicine recommends a total water intake of 91 oz for men and 125 oz for women, but 80% of that comes from food. Animal Jigsaw Puzzles - Play free online jigsaw puzzles with pictures of our wonderful animal friends!

Online Games for Kids - Play a whole bunch of fun free games online including arcade games, strategy games, word games, sports games and more! So keep yourself motivated by tracking your weekly fitness goals, hours of exercise, and workout type. Fitness somehow seems a little easier to me, perhaps because it is my best stress release and playing soccer means that all I have to do is show up for the workouts somebody else scheduled! I am trying out a free nutrition logging site in lieu of weightwatchers, which I used to pay monthly to use. This can be a very useful tool, along with our weight loss log and exercise charts, for controlling and losing weight.
For years I’ve volunteered at the Sun Run 10K clinics and I have noticed that logging their workouts keeps new runners motivated and helps identify injuries earlier.

When the week is over, you can log the info in soft form once and then erase the plastic sheet to give you a fresh start. This way, you worksheet will also be protected and you’ll need only one copy for however long you want.

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