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Author: admin, 19.02.2014
As an industry leading fitness brand we feel that we have a greater responsibility not only globally through our 2020 vision, but locally as well, to the clients in the communities that we serve and the neighborhoods we operate our fitness centers from. We're about delivering personal trainer designed and lead fitness and fat loss workouts in a fun, safe, high intensity group training workout program. I started kickboxing at age seven and with the help of my older brother I learned early on how important it was to stay healthy, fit, and eat right.
I accomplished both of these by learning why working out reduces stress, which stress as some of you might know, increases bodyfat.

With hundreds of Fit Body Boot Camp locations worldwide, our mission is focused on our "2020 vision" which is to expose and engage 20 percent of the world's population to a healthy and fit lifestyle by the year 2020.
Being a competitive fighter, I learned and applied proper eating habits to maintain a low fat and healthy bodyweight, which is crucial to making weight properly for competitions.
So when you step foot into a Fit Body Boot Camp location you can expect a clean, friendly, and fun high energy workout environment that's not only a place to get fit and healthy, but a place to make friends with others in your community. I have compiled all of my fitness experience I have gained throughout my life as a 22 year veteran Kickboxer (14 year pro), and five and a half years of physical training (PT) in the military.

I then joined the military at 23 and spent the last five years of my life soaking up what they taught me about health and fitness.
I invite you to come and share in the experience of what being fit can do for your health and confidence.

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