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Author: admin, 10.05.2014
Doctors and healthy food experts often repeat the recommendation: we should include more fish in our meals. Even if modern medicines and drugs are rich with necessary vitamins and minerals, the healthiest way to get vitamins and minerals into the body is through natural and healthy food. What makes fish as healthy food special is the fact that it does not contain many calories and is rich in some beneficial nutrients that the body needs.
Eventhough fish is considered as healthy food, some people seem to be hypersensitive to fish and they should avoid eating fish.
Fish as healthy food  contains significant amounts of biologically valuable proteins, relatively low fat, not that much carbohydrates and a large amount of vitamins and minerals considered as important part of human nutrition. Many studies support the conclusion that eating a single meal of fish per week increases the normal-age related intelligence by 10% to 13%. Food nutrition labels can be confusing, as nutrition facts labels today contain product specific information. Nutrition facts labels are usually found on the outside of food packaging, usually on the side or back.

A food label sample, taken from a carton of sour cream has been used below, and colour coded to explain what the different sections mean in food nutrition labels.
The next line in food nutrition labels identifies the unit used for the values that follow. So, if she had 2 servings of the cream in this example, that would be 11.4g, or about 29% of the daily allowance!
This section of food nutrition labels lists values for different nutrients, and sometimes vitamins as well. The %DV column is available on food nutrition labels in some countries, and is based on the daily value recommendations for key nutrients for a 2,000 calorie a day diet. The %DV tells you how much of a certain nutrient you will get from eating one serving of that food. Once you have digested the information on this page, test your skill at reading food labels by taking this Nutrition Facts Label Quiz. As an example, Japanese and residents of coastal countries, on average, live longer and have a lot fewer problems with cancer and cardiovascular diseases, because they often have fish in their healthy meals.

In situations like this, you should consult your doctor and ask for advice about the way you should consume the required nutrients in regular amounts. This is the equivalent of being three or four years mentally younger. So Keep On Eating Fish And Feel Younger And Healthier ! Let us assume that your weight is 150 pounds (about 68 kg) and you have 10 percent body fat, then you have about 15 pounds (about 6.8 kg) of fatty Tissues. In addition to it, eating junk food, sugary food, fatty and refined foods, fast food and cold drinks Increases the deposition of fat in the body.

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