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Author: admin, 24.05.2013
We reached the end of article about Beth Chapman weight loss topic.In hopes,her amazing story will get you up to have motivation to change into better life. As a personal trainer I get calls all the time from women who say “I need to get skinny quick” or how can I “lose weight fast”. After working with people for over 25 years helping clients and friends lose weight, I have found that some people have to reprogram their minds to eat the right foods. Another method that has really helped my clients and I control our weight is with intermittent fasting. Repeated bouts of quick weight loss just seems like something that would be highly detrimental in the long term.

I agree, it’s not good for you to keep losing weight and then gaining the weight right back. While I think it’s Ok to jump start your weight loss program and try to lose 10 pounds quickly by  following extreme weight loss methods (like overly exercising) for the short term, I don’t recommend using this approach every time you need to reduce your weight. Anyone who has been struggling with their weight over the years has tried a number of different approaches where some have worked but they always seem to keep gaining the weight back. They have to change the association they have with the foods that are keeping them over weight.
Too many of the fab diets of today promote a quick weight loss system that is really only a water loss that is quickly regained and then some.

I've been called a "Contrarian" since I believe that most mainstream fitness approaches are extremely inefficient. If you keep on gaining all the weight back that you just lost, you have to find a lifelong strategy to keep yourself lean and fit permanently. If you want to stop eating the foods that you think are keeping you heavy then make sure you read this post called Don’t Get Fat Fast.

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