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Author: admin, 28.07.2014
Follow a low calorie diet, very different from the macrobiotic diet, it means pay attention to calories and try to introduce as little as possible during the various meals of the day. As you can see, it is very difficult to follow a diet in the long run, so it would be better to increase the calories and go to a hypo caloric diet for at least 1500 calories.
The most popular low-calorie diet is the diet of 1200 calories, especially followed by the models and people trying to lose weight fast, and making enormous sacrifices without an enormous amount of hyper-calorie foods.

Please remember to also drink plenty of water during a low-calorie diet, so you will have less hungry and be able to get from one meal to another while maintaining the diet. If you think you still be ready for 1 month (nearly) empty stomach, then begin low-calorie diet of 1200 calories, eating what I recommend in this article. If a low calorie diet can combine the exercises to burn fat, the effect is very powerful and the weight loss will become increasingly evident.

If you want more tips on calorie restricted diets from 1200, also write in comments and we will answer in a very short time.

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