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Anti-Aging Complete MultivitaminContains essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, foods and herbs in optimal potencies to nourish, protect and provide anti-aging defense throughout the day.* Antioxidants CoQ10, selenium, zinc and Resveratrol support immune, heart, eye and skin health, help promote cell growth, function and maintenance, and help regulate metabolism. Paprika is loaded with antioxidants as well as essential vitamins & minerals that can keep your body healthy.
Paprika is loaded with antioxidants as well as essential vitamins & minerals that can keep your body healthy. Age Erase Recovery Mask with Mega 10 Plus immediately plumps skin, leaving it firmer, smoother and younger-looking. A healthy chocolate sauce using organic, unrefined coconut oil, raw cacao powder and grade b maple syrup. Yellow foods are high in antioxidants like vitamin C, which keeps our teeth and gums healthy, helps to heal cuts, improves the mucus membranes (like when we have colds), helps to absorb iron, prevents inflammation, improves circulation, and therefore prevents heart disease. Antioxidant Face Mask Recipe • This simple, easy-to-make anti aging facial mask contains a high amount of antioxidants which are essential for keeping your skin healthy and youthful looking. Acne is a skin disorder that occurs when the hair follicles become plugged with oil, dirt and dead skin cells.
The Miracle Mask This DIY mask, made of nutmeg, honey, and cinnamon, is calming and soothing for stressed-out skin – in addition, it smells absolutely amazing! Its vitamin A plays a crucial role in maintenance of healthy skin, prevents the occurrence of wrinkles, & promotes a bright complexion. Its vitamin A plays a crucial role in maintenance of healthy skin, prevents the occurrence of wrinkles, & promotes a bright complexion.

The high vitamin C plays an important role in the growth repair of tissues, helps in forming collagen, needed for making skin tissues, tendons, ligaments blood vessels.
Spritz it on any time of day to hydrate, prep and soften your skin with vitamins and antioxidants.
Active vitamin D enhances the benefits of the essential vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients found in the formula. Hemp is LOADED with nutrients – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, and alkaline chlorophyll. For luscious locks chomp on almonds Plain or mixed into a salad, almonds contain catalase, an enzyme that combats gray hair by preventing a buildup of hydrogen peroxide in your hair follicles. For best results, buy the freshest ingredients you can find and use them as soon as possible. This snack also contains tomatoes that have Vitamin E, a nutrient that enhances scalp circulation, promotes healthy hair growth and can prevent hair loss.
Mangoes are loaded with Vitamin A as well as flavonoids like beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin which are also fabulous skin beautifiers.
Vitamin C gives your skin a boost of collagen and elastin, which keeps you looking radiant.
Depending on the severity it can cause emotional distress and then it can lead to scars of the skin. Nutmeg and honey act as natural anti-inflammatories, which can reduce swelling and redness in skin.

The root also contains essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper & iron, which help the body in the production of red blood cells. Plus, you can save the leftovers for a cooling eye mask or add them to your water for a refreshing twist on plain old H2O.
We will wrap you in a warm blanket for about twenty minutes to sweat out toxins  while you receive a relaxing scalp massage.
Some ailments that respond well to blackberries include circulation & skin problems, as well as diarrhea. In addition, the nutmeg and cinnamon also work to exfoliate your skin when you wash this mask off.
This sensual massage is perfect for a couple wanting to add some spice to their romance. 60 min. Our warmed seaweed mask, mineral rich sea concentrated algae extracts will brighten, hydrate, replenish and protect your skin. This holistic skin care technique reduces the appearance of age spots, superficial scars and fine lines. Relax as we immerse your feet in a warm aromatic foot soak, before softening the skin with warm oil and an Orange Ginger Sugar exfoliation.  A foot mask infused with Mint is then applied to revitalize the feet.

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