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We'd like to thank you all for your patience during this busy time and we wish all of you a merry Christmas from Eden! We at Eden Holistic Pet Foods pride ourselves on formulating a range of foods that caters to the nutritional needs of cats and dogs. If you have any questions or comments or to see the many more customer testimonials, why not join our Facebook forum. It would be best for you to join with other Eden dieters so you can support and encourage each other and draw upon the power of the Holy Spirit as a group, but you can elect to study the book independently. Sign up by clicking above and receive encouragement, new information and updates from The Eden Diet.

The Godly Affirmations For Weight Loss audio relaxation CDs complement the other study material by helping you to de-stress and bring your emotions in line with God's Word. Although we will try our best for next working day delivery with all orders placed before 14:00pm, we kindly ask that all deliveries be treated as 1-3 day working delivery.
Click on the link to find a group in your area, and contact that group's coordinator for details.
In preparation for the meetings, complete the subtopics that were assigned at the previous meeting. Each 30 days, you are to write down your behavioral goals on a form, as well as your starting-weight and measurements.

The focus is for you to stop defining yourself based on your weight, to break free from bondage to food, and to find your identity in God, regardless of your weight. Then, choose new behavioral goals for the following month, and record them on the next 30-day block form.

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