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If you are a pre- or post-op weight loss surgery patient, join us on the 4th Tuesday of each month for our support group meeting.
By Richard Taylor Leave a Comment Steamed vegetables are an essential ingredient for any healthy diet. However with a bit of imagination and some healthy ingredients, steamed vegetables become more appetising.
Add a squeeze of lemon to the water before you bring it to the boil, and squeeze some lemon onto your vegetables after they have been steamed. Richard knows all about eating the right food to get healthy and stay healthy from first hand experience!
Talking about weight loss is easy but following the tips in real life can be very difficult, especially when you are eating out. Here is our eating out guide – Ways for Eating Healthy While Eating Out which can ensure that you don’t falter from your plan.

Now this cuisine includes a lot of vegetables so may consider it to be healthy but that’s far from the truth. South Indian is considered to be complete meal but when you are on weight loss regime then you need to be careful about what you choose. Here on fitnessvsweightloss we write about fitness, weight loss,mobile app reviews,weight loss product reviews,Fitness studio review, dieticians etc. David Provost, the key to dining out after weight loss surgery is to make your long-term goal a bigger priority than short-term desires. But, asking for steamed vegetables on the side instead of French fries really is not a big deal. Richard lost weight and got fit after being diagnosed with Cancer 9 years ago.  Now he is a personal trainer and weight loss expert! If you are on weight loss regime and don’t want to sacrifice your social life then you can just make smarter choice.

When you choose multigrain bread with lot of vegetables and add dressings and extra cheese to it then you are actually having more calories. You can enjoy pastas without worrying about the weight but only if you have it the correct way. I avoided meeting people as that meant going to cafes or lunch and eating all the junk food. Try to avoid eating out but if you cannot then restrict it to just once a week and eat out at lunch instead of dinner.
To stay on track with your new eating habits, order from the “light” section of the menu, or look only at the appetizer section.

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