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Author: admin, 21.07.2013
Jam-packed full of scrummy veg, this throw-it-all-in, flavoursome creation is one of our favourite cheap meals to make. Spaghetti Bolognese, it’s a culinary classic that’ll always remind youof home (perfect for those uni days when you’re  feeling a little homesick). Opting for a meat free main is the perfect way to save a few extra pennies when whipping up your dinner,  and  we find ourselves making this yummy Mexican dish time and time again. Perfect for those long days on campus, a Mason jar salad is the ultimate easy lunch (and stops you tucking into all those unhealthy and pricey snacks from the student shop). Okay, so when we said that spaghetti Bolognese was the ultimate classic, we *may* have lied – after all, when it comes to student-friendly, cheap meals, who can deny the power of beans on toast.

Whether you need an entree for a school night, unexpected guests, or just a busy weeknight, these cheap and easy weeknight meals will save you time and money. Simply follow the recipe here to cook up a big batch and then freeze it to create the perfect eat-all-week meal. These quick meal options are perfect for 3 weeks of meal planning, with that last recipe yielding 5 meals for the family.
Plus, seeing as this recipe serves 4, any leftovers can easily be thrown into Tupperware and frozen, making it one of the best cheap meals out there.
A cheap lunch that leaves you  with plenty of money leftover for the essentials (like a pint at the student bar come Saturday).

Check them out below, and feel free to add your favorite cheap and easy weeknight meals in the comments below.

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